The Twin Flame Maitreya in the Age of Aquarius

An holistic and multi-dimensional understanding of reality must include recognition of the potentiality that phenomenon considered singular in nature might have some relation  to other phenomenon. Also, that at different levels of understanding, phenomenon considered singular in nature might actually have  multiple forms of expression. The individual’s journey through the depths of his or her soul is but a microcosmic example of the greater interrelation of galaxies and solar systems, of multiverses and universes. A person’s soul can be part of a group-soul and group-souls can make up Higher Selves, Avatars or Names of God, depending upon terminology and perspective.  Finding relationships between disparate phenomenon of a higher ethereal nature cannot occur independent of that phenomenon’s expression on the material plane of existence. With these understandings, we can examine certain ideas and determine whether there are relationships of note to be highlighted and expounded upon.

The Maitreya is the Buddhist equivalent of the Second Coming of Jesus the Christ, the Jewish equivalent is known as the Mashiach and the Islamic equivalent is the Mahdi. All of these savior figures were fortold as coming to the Earth in a time of great tribulation and evil. While there are questions and arguments – both for and against – as to the conceptual viability surrounding the original conception of each one of these messianic figures in the historical record as well as within the sect-based traditions themselves, the broad-based belief in these figures speaks to some underlying need within the human collective unconscious for a supernatural avatar to redeem the world, and those residing within it, from sin. An unbalanced equation requires conciliation of all involved variables in order to find a new balance and order.

While Buddhism is not necessarily considered to be a proselytizing religion the zeal with which some of its proponents profess their faith and engage non-believers in the Dharma certainly possesses some missionary-like fervor. As the primary representative of eastern spiritual thought in western countries, Buddhism has experienced a broad-based acceptance as both a philosophy and a religion. Therefore it is embraced by both believers and non-believers alike. Being outside of the judeo-christian complex of belief systems, and therefore less familiar to many in the West,
the Maitreya avataric conception is not subject to the same cultural preconceptions as the Jesus avatar. Being so unencumbered, it stands to reason that it’s formulation, when adapted from it’s original Buddhist format and combined with the avataric conceptions of the Messiah, the Mashiach and the Mahdi, has the best chance of being representative of some greater truth while not falling prey to the institutionalized limitations that bind the judeo-christian avataric figures to an historic panorama of forced proselytization, warfare and patriarchial repression.

For that reason, entering into the Age of Aquarius, the ancient Hermetic conception, As Above, So Below – which I employ perhaps to distraction in many of my writings – resonates as an appropriate phrasology in this instance as well. The Maitreya energetic construction as a combination and reconception of the savior-complex that typifies the universalizing religions and unity-consciousness templating currently invigorating world populations exemplifies a demi-urgic group soul imperative manifesting during the current phases of human spiritual evolution. It is important to realize as well that the current entry of the Earth into galactic space correlated with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and also coinciding with Earth’s ascension above the galactic plane and entry into the densest and highest energetic region of the galaxy. While there is much confusion surrounding the astronomical aspect regarding Sol-System’s current position in regards to the galatic plane, the increase in cosmic energetic bombardment of the Earth and the increase in meteoric and cometary appearances in the space surrounding our planet may be indications that it is occuring.

The Aquarian Age is similarly fuzzy when seeking to define parameters. There are varying ideas regarding when it begins and when the Piscean Age ends, with most falling into the current range of decades corresponding to the present era. Entry into this Age, as with all that come and go across the span of time, occurs only through the ending of the previous Age, which often occurs with the fall of old civilizations and the rise of new civilizations. High technology, more sustainable environmental and economic systems, intergenerational, racial and sexual equity and increased  spiritual awareness are shared traits that span the gamut of expressions regarding the nature of the Aquarian Age.

Since the Piscean Age was typified by the repression of the Divine Feminine through the institutions of societies across the world the new energetic configurations resulting from cosmic bombardment and the evolution of human consciousness have generated an avataric formulation of the perfection of this inequality in the form of the Twin Flame alignment of souls. Although the hype surrounding the idea of Twin Flames is similarly confusing, it can be said generally that Twin Flames are two people who come together and share an energetic and incarnational alignment. What this means is that they are naturally and magnetically drawn to one another, they share many things in common, they compliment each other very well and their views regarding life are eerily similar to the extent that the confluence of all of these similarities marks the union as exceptional.

Being differentiated from the Soul Mate conception by its exclusivity, the Twin Flame energy is commonly believed to be unique to only two souls who may come together in an incarnation or not. However, the societal and cultural infractions that pervert all spiritual traditions as they become institutionalized and bent to the desires of those who define them have similarly resulted in the corruption of the Twin Flame ideal. Through the synthesis of definition and a focus upon primary intent, the Soul Mate conception can be said to relate to any individual with whom innate soul recognition is shared and with whom previous incarnational resonances can be felt during the currently lifetime. Each person, therefore, has many soulmates that they continue to incarnate with and interact with in lifetime after lifetime. Twin Flame energy, contrary to popular belief, is not a binding of two souls that may or may not meet during a lifetime, but instead a resonance based upon current vibrational frequency that shifts as an individual grows into greater spiritual awareness.

This resonance can only occur once an individual has realized the fallacy of romantic, chivalric love and the associated paradigmatic mainstays(emotional, pheremonic attraction, monogamy, marriage, etc.) that have developed in response to survival needs and inter-sex agreements regarding the disposition and care of the aged, women, children, land and other culture-based institutions. The universality of love as the electromagnetic resonance factor in tune with the base-vibrational qualities of Creation itself subsume the pheremone and emotion-based ephemeris passing as love, awakening the urge to find oppositional expression within another upon the material plane by incarnational time-line interplay through quantum-jumping and manifesting directed intentions at both the conscious and sub-conscious levels. Through the personal melding of oppositional energies an outer expression of same can be found.

In other words, a necessary prerequisite to finding a Twin Flame in the world is for each individual to reconcile the male and female aspects of themselves. The spiritual work necessary to do this can only arise through the process of deep introspection, recapitulation of a lifetime and a delving through and past cultural preconceptions and patriarchial myths designed to uphold current power structures based upon inequality and the suppression of the Divine Feminine. One must dissolve the inner-structures that support the outer institutional expressions of this repression and either consciously or through dream-state work merge potential time-lines within the personal field of the incarnational span with the realization that time is an illusion and all incarnations truly occur simultaneously and are accessible through the directed use of intention and imagination and the lense of a clear and unencumbered mind.

The type of clarity invoked must be of the type cultivated by a mind under control and emotions that have been brought to bear in service of the self rather than in control of the body as is generally the case with most people who have not engaged in personal spiritual work of this nature. Directed energy and healing work, meditation and supplication to allied powers and principalities are among the methods available to individuals to gain the necessary mind control to arrive at a space within their lives where a Twin Flame union becomes a potential expression of life goals and higher potentialities. The Twin Flame template accepts two souls within its intertwined matrix, but it is not necessarily the same two souls all the time. A person can meet someone who expresses the Twin Flame energies and seems to be their perfect mate, but if one continues to grow into the union and the other fails to do so, that soul can exit the template and another can rise to take his or her place. The energetic resonance is the key, not necessarily the Soul Mate who may or may not have stepped up at a particular time to fit the lock.

In drawing the different threads of this article together, the Age of Aquarius proceeds upon the ushering in of the potential of the Maitreya energies realized first individually, through the personal spiritual evolutionary process, then through partners and the male/female union and then collectively as greater soul-groups find themselves surpassing the 100th monkey effect and the cascading imprints of the Twin Flame and Maitreya templates achieve avataric expression and inevitable material manifestation. The rise of the Divine Feminine in relation to the onset of the New Age supports the higher energetic resonance of those already attuned to spiritual growth life-patterns within the current incarnational matrix. More individuals will therefore find themselves engaged in Twin Flame unions as they each do the hard inner work of reconciling their own oppositional natures. The full flowering of the Age of Aquarius, then, must inevitably result in a more tolerant and loving world, as the collective energetic vibration rises due to the influx of cosmic energy, more people engage in soul work and more couples express the Twin Flame template. As that spiritually-aware group coalesces, a simultaneous focusing of energy and intent will result in the concentration of the Maitreya avatar within a twin-flame pairing or an individual. Avatars must exist and spread their teachings for and within each Age.

There are many intellectual and intuitive formulations that fall prey to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. That is the nature of words. The nature of knowledge. That they are interpreted through the lense of prior understanding. As understanding increases, more information is processed and a greater synthesis and multi-dimensional envisioning becomes possible, a truer and more accurate picture of the energetic interconnectivity occurs. Twin Flames are a byproduct of the individual perfection of the soul. It is not a prize, nor is it a higher form of dating or marriage. It is an energetic construction that is designed to increase the vibrational level in the immediate space of its manifestation as well as the frequency of the world as a whole. The Twin Flame template is not an invitation to lose one’s self in the exploration of another to the detriment of the world. Rather, it is an expression of a greater imperative to unite and represent the culmination of the Divine Union of Opposites, the melding of male and female energies within the individual, then the couple and then, the world.

* Article as realized through the process of Bioenergetic Holism™ with Shannon Fry and Jennifer Templeman.


  1. Sir my name is blake musgrave. I’m an aquirian twin with the rarest blood in the world o negative. I recently had some images and messages go threw my head about world history and ameican history. It started with chiness dynasty and ended with 9-11.and to be completly honest with you I was under the influance of a cough and cold pill called cordincidin. So at first I Thought I was halucinating do to the pills. But then I thought if I were would I’ve. Had to be exsposod to the things I was seeing before. Well I haven’t. While seeing these things my 12 year old son said thd word. Illuminati. Another thing I never heard before. So being curious I googled “cordincidin and illuminati” coming to a web site talking about new world order. And the fisrt while exsperiancing these events I had an overwelhming feeling of god in my heart and all around me. I hadn’t belived in him always wanting to at the same time. And now I know the truth our father is among us he’s in us. Since that day I’ve been drug free and do daily prayers. I’ve. Also been research. Everything about myself and life. In my reacher I’ve looked in my blood type and its rarites all research coming to nothing of this world. So it comes to ask am I am from an ancient astronaut race? And do I have the blood of gods? So much more is happening and presented things to me every day all day long. Please contact me at (513)254-4268. Thank you sencerly blake musgrave

    call me

    1. Hello Blake, it is quite possible that your blood type is indicative of some sort of alien strain. There are many who speak of that in these days. But, every single human on this planet has a similar background, as the race has potentially been genetically modified by alien civilizations over many thousands and perhaps millions of years. This is according to some circumstantial and direct evidence gleaned by tireless researches over many decades and, even hundreds of years. The strain that you speak of possessing, may be one of the most recent intrusions into the human genome, there is no way to know for certain. Continue to research and you will find your answers. All best and many blessings to you and yours.

  2. Thank You Very much Rahkyt for posting this – this is priceless and, of course, timely information .) I can confirm from my own experience everything that is said here and especially the fact that it is not necessarily the same two souls all the time. I have experienced 2 Twin Flame connections over the past ten years and have consequently, through their increase of my vibrational level, fully come to Realize my Self, as the individualized expression of the One (God, Source, Tao, etc.) that we All Are and Everything Is.

    Cheers and much love 🙂

  3. wow… you are in San Marcos! i live in Blanco 🙂 reading this article, it is the absolute CLEAREST description i’ve found to date on Twin Flames.. thank you. Blessings of Love and Light. InLakesh ❤

  4. Greetings!
    I enjoyed receiving the messages of your post, both overt and subliminal. I have encountered someone and the energies, synchonicities and telepathy are mind blowing. Yes, I agree that it is easy to submit to romantic notions, and perhaps this is a Soul Mate phenomenon rather than a Twin Flame experience. However, a spontaneous, cosmic “initiation” befell us both during a cyber chat (different countries)…everything changed in an instant – the cup, the trees, the buildings..everything was the same yet different.

    There is, lurking just beneath consciousness, a knowing of something tremendous that we must participate in that affects the entire world…far be it a romantic notion….but for now, we are swimming in the pools of…. recognition.

    I thank you for your words…..they serve greatly to bring more clearly into focus ..the purpose…


    1. Beautifully expressed. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I wish you the best in life. These situations always hold dual purpose and are meaningful in every sense of human interaction. Highs and lows implicit, accepted as growth indicators and lessons in the school of life. Blessings.

  5. To put it simply. I astral projected the first time I barely meditated to someone I had never met but I knew and liked. They didn’t know I existed at the time. But they mentioned it in public about a dream being just like what I focused on doing and I found out about it. Once we met face to face, there was a chemical connection. We weren’t able to actually meet and talk. But afterwards I felt a pain in my gut like wen someone breaks up with you. Does that mean the twin unconsciously decided not to be a twin anymore, even if they didn’t know they were one to begin with?!

  6. Wow. I’m an Aquarius and o negative. I have 2 sons who are also I negative. I am a direct descendent of Queen Isabella of Spain. This is mind blowing. I’m a pro singer mother of 5 that has been searching for answers about who I am and where I belong cause it sure doesn’t feel like I belong here. I recently came out to my family about my life full of abuse starting at the age of 7 and only got worse as I got older. I am chasing my calling. Which is to use my voice to save the abused neglected sad scared or Any one in need of understanding this thing we call life.

  7. I’m looking for my twin flame one who came to me with the white light on September 21 2015 and broke my inner seal, the lamb.
    And the next day the Christian Bible came to the door, then the Hopi kachina ceremony came, which appears identical to walk with my facebook profile.
    And nobody believed me.
    The lamb was born on December 1, 1973 at 08:05 she was given a name, as a girl she was born and sacrificed her body to be him.
    Find him because my heart yearns for him infinitely.
    A complete cycle of life to death and back to life.
    My complete Celtic cross is almost finished, yet the final stage Goddess.
    We would have to bring you to a new world, this world is over.
    We are the salvation.
    Our time is coming to an end, we are running out of time.
    Do not fail our mission, bring us together.
    And you’ll see the real truth between illusion.
    Connect all believe in one, believe in all religions, and there will be peace.

      1. Yes that I am sure, my heart longs for nothing else, it’s all I think about.
        But it’s not my plan, I follow the path of my scroll how difficult that path is, but on the other hand, the emotion will be much larger and stronger of unending love when I see him, and so the impact will around the earth be much stronger.
        It is now once the path, and it is nowhere written beyond in my inner soul.
        But it remains a quest to find the reality among all the illusions in the human body.
        But it’s something like, my twin flame came and I follow the path, was sent to the beginning and the end of time to find him, everyone will find his twin flame among the living and mine appears to be the first to put his feet on the grass of eden and a living dead, bring us together, and the paradise of Eden comes back, but no one believed me.
        We just sit in another body, since the balance is completely skipped.
        But anyone with some sense knows that the inner soul is not the external body.
        All my searching, what happened and people are trying to substrates my faith and keep me in their illusion of their reality, I can not.
        I can not forget this when they try it is as if evil itself will bring me under its power.
        I was so much in the past, but did everything to help humanity.
        And now all I want is to give a better life to all my children of the world, plants, animals, people everything that lives and thrives and grows from large to small.
        But it’s not my opinion, I’m just a servant though I I know a Queen by many as yet had now my place and Father alike, there is only to walk one right way, and that is to be one with the universe and therefore God.
        But it is heavy and emotional and that’s exactly what’s written in my stars.
        Because no one believes me when Jehovah’s Witnesses, I had to go so deep, beyond the stars and planets to the throne of God to discover some things, there is still a lot of uncertainty, but can not possibly lose my faith in God. And I also suggest to certain things, and everything is not right but I try to put all of every prophecy in one line.
        And I know that we two, the earth will shake, the question is only when?
        I thought on 8 February, but I’m not sure.
        But I do not doubt what I saw, and how everything and I mean everything I look at is just right.
        How can I doubt?
        For me, it’s logic itself, which was the seventh seal in my inner soul and therefore could only be broken by the lamb.
        But humanity appears not to understand, and I do not understand humanity.
        How could they destroy the earth, if it will take their own lives?
        As it provides food, water, everything they need to live.
        And when they know that the planet on which they live requests help, mankind gives for everything she has given them nothing in return.
        Climate tops are a joke, and the rich think only but their money and power over others.
        No unity, but segregation.
        How do they desire peace?
        If humanity does not even save their own mother earth by now thinking first of her instead of their money.
        Money enough to make weapons to kill each other but to help each other that’s too much to ask.
        Countries that pollute the air, buy bags of clean air from other countries?
        So what does it matter? The emission remains the same, cars with catalytic converters are a disaster, they catch it and then burn it, the dust particles are smaller and much worse for their own health.
        Some countries make little kids war machines.
        How a child can still play without blowing themselves up?
        Video games, little kids cartoons are horrible to look at, full of violence and dirty words and dirty tricks.
        Thus humanity learns their children to be like their cartoons and video games.
        Violence and rebellion against the elderly as a result.
        A spiral of violence that will never end well.
        So I came to this question, as for the people of Atlanta.
        Do you want to depend on technology or do you want to learn to use the full spirit.
        I got the veil of God with a little knowledge, I’ll hold off on the dress of fidelity to God’s infinite knowledge, which is now once for me the path to be back as before to become the Temple of infinite love, and thus paradise Eden will return.
        As the first and the last who walked on the grass of Eden, marry and return to a single entity, and the twin flame will be together forever.

      2. So you see, mankind looks at it from the viewpoint of a man, but for me it is from the viewpoint of an Archangel.
        And then there is no turning back, I’ve been much too far into my own life and death in the past and in the future.

      3. Well I actually saw him yesterday in a dream, we walked across a field and were talking about the things that were done in the past.
        And we came to a fallen angel, and told him that their time was up.
        He flew away, having to speak his tail between his legs.
        Look this is our future, according to the stars.

        February, get ready for a wave of emotional energy in the relationship.
        March, he heals the soul of his mistress.
        April, this combination is a typical example of how opposite constellations are attracted to each other.
        (He is the positive pole of the earth I negative, at Congregation the earth stops turning.)
        May, Two extremely sensitive souls.
        June, A gift from Heaven.
        And so on, look, I know what you all expect and it is now once Evolution which will be required for the Fifth World.
        This can not be in your present body.
        Twins will be born, a boy and a girl.
        They will populate the new world, with their offspring.
        The Homo sapiens will become extinct.
        And their spirit will go through the descendants of these twins.
        Until the end of the fifth world.
        When we bring back evolution, for the sixth world.
        For the worthy.
        The goal continues to be the same one with God.
        Until you’ll be an angel.
        But those forces must be taught step by step.

      4. I do what I can for clarity, I deserve it after I had some unexpected sexual intercourse, as I could not see it, then I investigate.
        Today try to reach the Dalai Lama, who will have to have sense.
        And he will also realize that everything I say is truth.
        If the Hopi Indians are unattainable, the Jehovah’s Witnesses look at everything from a human point of view, the Jews will still expect a punishment for killing Jezus Christ, then there is only one true faith more about Buddhism.
        4 different beliefs, only one is chosen for the new world.

      5. Sounds like your life is in overdrive bit you are able to thrive in this high energy environment. It is beautiful to see. I know you are prepared for what comes next.

      6. Sounds like you know exactly what is going on. The time the twins spend apart is fruitful. Meaningful. I am glad you do not despair. When the time is right you will reunite in the physical. Until the, cultivate the spiritual. When you meet, your union will explode lime the heart of a twin sun.

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